Thursday, August 30, 2007

Meeting Great Grandfather

I finally met my only Great Grandfather, Ben Anderson, for the first time on August 29. Daddy was so proud to present me, I was very happy to meet Great Granddad. He called me "a great success!"

Four generations of Andersons

Mommy & Me at Great Grandfather's

Monday, August 20, 2007

Daddy Time!

I love my Daddy!

Ready for my close-up

Friday, August 17, 2007

Daddy Does My Hair

That's what I think about that!

Leaving the Hospital


I was only a few hours old!

On my way!

Mommy & Daddy heading to the hospital - July 5, 2007

My Room

Mommy & Daddy - Baby Shower

Mommy & Mimi

Mommy & Mimi Kalinowski at Mommy's baby shower - she was 30 weeks pregnant with me!

Favorite Pasttime

Catchin' up on my Zzzz's

Mannin' the Grill

Me, Daddy & Clifford taking care of grillin' steaks!

Pea Pod

Not sure about the Peapod yet...

Daddy and Me

Daddy admiring me

Oh so snuggly

I love snuggling with Grandma "Burdie" Giese!

Meeting Aunt Brooke

The Granddad's

Papa Kalinowski, we have the same hair!

Getting to know Grandfather Giese


Glamor Shots

Mommy and I got all "dolled up" and took some glamor shots!

Bath Time!

I usually enjoy my bathtime, but Mommy & Daddy woke me up for this bath, so I wasn't too happy!