Saturday, April 25, 2009

Lions and Tigers and Bears, Oh My!

Today, my school hosted a special Family Day at the Zoo! I was so excited to see all the amazing animals!
First, we headed to a huge bird cage
We saw lots and lots of colorful parrots, but I think my favorite was this beautiful peacock!
Next, we saw this critter....Daddy said they're called capivara, and they live all over Brazil. All I could think was that it looked a little like the Chupacadra on Daddy's t-shirt - hmmmm....One of my favorite stops was to watch these spider monkeys. They were having a great 'ol time because it was time for them to eat! exactly are you trying to say???
Finally, we arrived at the serious animals - the Lions, Tigers and Jaguars. I don't think we had too much to worry about, because these tigers were taking a snooze, but Mommy kept me close by - just in case!
We wrapped up our outing at one of our go-to yummy restaurants - how's that for One Fine Day? ;)

Friday, April 17, 2009

Monday, April 13, 2009

Happy (Bunny) Trails, to You!

Whew! What an Easter week we had! Easter is probably the most-celebrated holiday here, and the Brazilians put on a grand show. We had lots of fun at school, exchanging chocolate eggs with our friends, AND I ended up having TWO visits from the Easter Bunny!

I was a little sad, though, that I wasn't able to hunt Easter Eggs with my cousin, Isabela, like we did last year. We did our best to send our Easter Bunny love through Skype!
Once we got word the Easter Bunny had paid a visit, we headed to the back yard to find some goodie-filled eggs! Daddy helped me get started....
But, I was quickly on my way to finding all the eggs!
Mmmmm....gotta love the gummies!
I must have been in a sugar-induced coma to let Mommy & Daddy put these crazy bunny ears on me! {Sheesh!}
I hope you all had a happy, and yummy Easter!

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Confessions of a Silly Girl

I'll admit, I'm a silly, Silly Girl. Most of my antics are aimed at making Mommy and Daddy laugh, but sometimes, I even crack myself up!
Just give me some tunes, and watch me shake my booty...
Or hand me a few props, (like a new slide!) and I really get on a roll...
The funny thing is, when I meet new people, I often pretend to be shy...
...But before they know it, I'm ready for hugs
...And another Silly Adventure!

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Pre-Easter Egg Hunt

Today we went to the Embassy's Easter Egg Hunt. There were balloons, playground toys, and lots of yummy treats! I hunted eggs with all the other kids, and really honed my skills for the "real" hunt next Sunday. I hope the Easter Bunny knows what he's up against!

Easter Bunny, for now, I'll take you over Santa Claus...but check back with me again in DecemberOff to the hunt!
I think I know the way....
Hey, wait for meeee!
Daddy helped me pick the best ones!
...And my basket was even prettier all full of eggs!
Uh-oh...I think this party might be about over...
Did I just feel some rain?
Oh well, plenty of jelly beans for me!

My Texas Easter Bunnies

It's always nice to know I've got special people thinking of me up in the Lone Star State. I won't be able to hunt Easter eggs at Mims and Pops' house like I did last year with cousin Isabela, but that's OK because two of his favorite Easter Bunny helpers sent some fun goodies to help me get ready for the big day!

Hmmm....does this headband make my ears look big?

I think I like them better on Daddy...
Woo-hoo! Sidewalk chalk and bathtub fingerpaints! Some good, clean fun to be had by all!
Thank you, Bunny Mims and Bunny Brooke!!