Thursday, September 17, 2009

Monday, September 14, 2009

Game Day

Saturday, we went to Aunt Brooke & Uncle Mark's house to watch my favorite team, the Texas Longhorns. There were plenty of people cheering on my team, and we were all glad to see them win. After the game, we headed outside for some playtime, ourselves!
We took turns tossing a basketball around. Remind me to tell Uncle Mark he needs to have a football next time!
I tend to be a bit shy around new faces...
But always have hugs 'n kisses to share with my Mims
Uncle Mark and Aunt Brooke have to great trees to play hide 'n seek around. I know I'll catch him next time!

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Day at the Jaguar Preserve

Today we went to a very exciting place - a jaguar preserve!! The preserve is home to several jaguars, pumas and ocelots who were rescued from illegal poachers. The Big Cats live in large enclosures, but we were still able to get really close! Here's the story of our day!

The first animals we saw were a pair of pumas. The guide lady told us that these pumas consider small children "a snack," so I kept my hands and fingers to myself!

Those "kitties" were mild, though, compared to the ferocious but beautiful onça-pintada. This big guy was very upset that we were near his cage! (Be sure to watch video of him at the end of this post - yikes!)
This one was more docile. The guides told us he was the "sweetest" jaguar at the preserve. I'll take their word for it!
This ocelot was more my size, and a lot more friendly!
After we met all the cats, our guides led us down a long, steep path...
It was well worth it - look what was at the end!
Daddy took me swimming, even into the waterfall! (Daddy said it was OK to use this photo - he looks like a hunk ;)
Mommy stayed out to take photos, but I promise, she was there!
Of course, what you go down, you must return up!
Did I mention there were lots and lots of beautiful birds, too? I loved watching this animated group of blue macaws.
Mommy wants a pet Señor Toucan!
We had a wonderful day - Hooray!!
Here's the sceery video of Mr. Jaguar!

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