Thursday, April 22, 2010

I'm a Big Sister!

Can you believe, I'm a Big Sister? My baby sister, Isla Clayton, was born on Friday, April 16, so I've already been filling Big Sister shoes for one week! We've been taking lots of pictures this week - Would you like to meet her?

Here she is!
I fell in love with her the minute I met her, she is such a sweet baby!
Isla had many people who were eager to see her when she was born, including Grandad Giese, Uncle Monroe and Aunt Erica, and my favorite cousins, Isabela and Sofia!
Grandma Burdie couldn't wait to hold her.
After close inspection, most of us feel she looks like our Daddy...
All I know is I love her to pieces!
Welcome to the World, Isla!

Monday, April 5, 2010

Easter with Daddy-O

I'm so glad my Daddy-O is finally here in Texas!



Egg Hunt 2010

Saturday, we had an Easter egg hunt at Mims and Pops'. The Easter Bunny had lots of ground to cover, but I got a running start!
Cullen and Evan Janecek helped me spy those hard-to-find eggs, and were happy to teach me all about cascarones!
It didn't take long for the sugar-induced coma to kick in
But, some eggs had special, sparkly prizes!
Our hunt came to a brief halt when Chula alerted on a poisonous snake! Thankfully, Daddy and Mr. Scott (ahem) took care of the problem.
Successful hunt? Make that a YES!