Saturday, February 21, 2009

First Day of (pre) School!

Friday was my first day at my Brazilian pre-school! Mommy was so nervous, but I didn't miss a beat, and immediately started playing with my new friends. All of the teachers are very sweet, we call them our "tias" - and I'm so excited they'll be teaching me Portuguese!
Friday was a great day to start school, because they were having a big party to celebrate the Brazilian festival of Carnaval. School had lots of balloons and decorations, and everything looked very festive!
I can't wait to go back next week!

Ready for school - backpack and all!

As you can imagine, I was very impressed with the fun balloons

School all ready to go for Carnaval

I played so much, I was definitely ready for some R&R once I got home

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Meanwhile...Back in Brazil

Whew! Mommy and I survived the ten-hour flight back down to Brazil. We were lucky Daddy was able to meet up with us in São Paulo, so we wouldn't be by ourselves for the layover and final flight home to Brasilia. Personally, I think Daddy just couldn't wait to see us! ;)

One of the great things about coming back after a long time away is getting to play with all my toys! I've been busy playing with puzzles, reading my favorite books, and just having a good 'ol time - somehow, these toys feel new all over to me?!

I'm also excited to be starting pre-school this week! I already know some friends who attend my school, and I can't wait to meet a bunch of new, friendly faces! I'll be sure to have Mommy take plenty of pics to commemorate my big day!

Saturday, February 14, 2009

My Sweet Valentine

I know you wouldn't be suggesting I give up my Valentine cookie?

Mommy & Daddy's sentiments,

Sunday, February 8, 2009

One busy, BUSY Little Girl

I'm such a busy little girl these days...I've got babies to care for...
Crazy, bouncing toys to play with...
Stuffed friends to arrange, and plenty of cleaning to be done

On top of all that, I'm learning my ABCs and 123s, talking in short phrases, and beginning to identify colors (I definitely know Yellow, Red & Pink!) Mommy and Daddy worry I'm growing up too fast, but I just give them a kiss and promise to always be their Little girl!

If the Shoe Fits...

Or, in this case, when they no longer do! The other day, Mommy took me on an impromptu shoe-shopping trip after she discovered my little toes were all crumpled up at the end of my shoes! Apparently, I've had a growth spurt here in Texas, and that includes the 'ol footsies! Don't worry, though, I got all set up in some groovin' new tenny-shoes - AND a special treat from the Cookie Factory because Mommy felt so guilty about my smushed toes ;)