Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Budding Picasso

I'm really tuning into my creativity these days. I think I'm inspired by the beautiful pictures I make at school that they display on the wall for everyone to admire.
I love to color at home, but sometimes I get a little carried away with my artistic endeavors
So today, Mommy thought maybe I could get all artsy outside...she got this crazy idea about making homemade finger paint from these things
She said she got the idea from a Mommy website...I don't know what those other mommies are doing, but....turns out the stuff Mommy made was more like...hmmm...icing?
Oh well...a true art-eest doesn't let a little thing like weirdo-paint get in her way when she wants to create! Here's my masterpiece...
Always approach a toddler holding a paintbrush with caution!

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